What should a bibliography look like?

What should a bibliography look like?

You should sort the bibliography alphabetically according to the surname of the authors … In order to create your bibliography, you should find out the following information about each of your sources: Author.Title.Year of publication.Place of publication.Publisher, if applicable. Editor, edition.

What should the table of contents look like?

They must match the headings and page numbers of your term paper. Avoid too many bullet points like 1.1-1.8 or a high number of outline levels, like Instead, keep your table of contents as clear as possible.

What is in a table of contents?

Position of the table of contents “Tables of contents are at the front or at the back of the book. They should be where the reader seeks them; in any case right at the front, directly after the main title, or at the very back, under no circumstances after the foreword or at the end of the book in front of a series of advertisements. “

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