What should a fax look like?

What should a fax look like?

If you fax frequently, you can design a cover sheet that should contain the following information: the sender’s address, telephone and fax numbers. Address and fax number of the recipient. Date and number of pages faxed including cover sheet.

Where can I find my fax number?

The number is usually shown on the fax. Alternatively, you can fax your own cell phone or house phone. The number also appears on the display. If you do not know the number from the start, your fax number can also be the same as your telephone number.

Can I fax a printer via WLAN?

It is now possible to send a fax without a telephone line. Not all devices are suitable for sending faxes over WLAN. Currently you can only send a fax with the FritzBox. To do this, simply log into the router directly and write your fax there.

Can I fax from my cell phone?

Send faxes from anywhere, directly from your smartphone or tablet. With the free eFax® app for iOS and Android you can send faxes from your mobile device. Simply take a picture of the document with your mobile device’s camera and send the photo as a fax.

How can I connect a fax to the Fritzbox?

Setting up an external fax machine in the FRITZ! Box In the FRITZ! Box user interface, click on “Telephony”. In the “Telephony” menu, click on “Own Numbers”. Click on the “Connection Settings” tab. In the “Telephony Connection” section, click on “Change settings”. Activate the option “Fax transmission also with T.

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