What should a good friend have?

What should a good friend have?

A good friend should be honesty, reliability and trustworthy! that you can rely on the person to a thousand percent, that they catch you when I’m not feeling well. Honesty! Honesty and trust!

How can I make my best friend happy?

10 things you should do with your best friend, pack your suitcase and take on the world. Go crazy drunk. Memorize all of your past lovers. Exchange mobile phone passwords. Celebrate Christmas together. Blackmail each other with the photos of the graduation ceremony. Give you the best motivational talks.

What do I like about you?

Things I love about you: “Your humor and that we can laugh at exactly the same things. “That you are as crazy as I am. “That you cuddle with me. “I love it when you tell me that you love me. “That I can be with you just as I am. “Your hands, arms, actually everything. “Your view of life.

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