What should and shouldn’t be on the résumé?

What should and shouldn’t be on the résumé?

Gaps in the résumé are taboo. Your final grade and, if applicable, major should also be stated; Primary school visits, on the other hand, are of no interest to the HR manager and do not belong in a résumé. The general rule is: as little information as possible, but as much as necessary.

How do I write a detailed résumé?

It is important to structure the detailed résumé well and to keep the layout clear. Therefore, do not write a large block of text, but divide your text into meaningful paragraphs. The detailed curriculum vitae is also structured chronologically.

How to write a resume for naturalization

The handwritten résumé for naturalization checks whether you can write well and legibly in a foreign language (and therefore often in a foreign font). Experts recommend using white paper without lines and writing with a fountain pen, as this enhances the typeface.

What belongs in a formulated résumé?

A fully formulated curriculum vitae – just like the namesake the “detailed curriculum vitae” – is strictly chronological and begins with personal data before school, training, job and hobbies follow. These formulation aids show how the data series in the tabular curriculum vitae become sentences.

What is a detailed résumé?

A detailed curriculum vitae contains the same data and facts as the tabular curriculum vitae. However, the information is presented as a coherent text in essay form. In addition, relationships between life stations and reasons for making decisions are named.

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