What should be in a short biography?

What should be in a short biography?

Writing the short biography Introduction: Start with a summarizing introduction, for example: Main part / CV: Always start the CV with the place and date of birth, for example: The conclusion: End the CV with a sentence about when the person died.

What makes a good biography?

A biography or biography (ancient Greek βιογραφία biographia, compound from βίος bíos, German ‘life’ and graphics, from γράφω gráphō, German ‘scratch’, ‘paint’, ‘write’) is the description of a person’s life. Biographies can trace a person’s life story orally or in writing.

What are biographical details?

Biographical questionnaires are used for the standardized recording of “verifiable objective or subjective information and assessments of past, present and future characteristics of the life story”. One also speaks of so-called “L data” (life record data).

What are biographical experiences?

Biographical experiences are declared to be an “influencing factor” that significantly determines professional thinking and acting. Great importance is attached to them; at the same time, they appear as something potentially threatening for professionalism.

What is biography work in geriatric care?

Definition of biography work: In geriatric care, biography work is a process of activating care and ensures that the needs of the customers are individually addressed. People with dementia in particular can sometimes no longer clearly express their needs.

What is memory maintenance?

Memory maintenance is the guided cognitive processing of life memories, which creates a bridge between the present and the past of the person in need of care and is mainly used in the therapy of dementia patients.

Why is memory work important?

Remembrance work is intended to activate past memories and memories that were believed to have long been forgotten and to bring them back to life in order to learn to better understand references to behavior, possible illnesses and preferences of the residents.

What can you play with people with dementia?

Occupation with dementia: Many opportunities for common moments in everyday life. Painting and handicrafts, manual work and light gardening. Cooking and baking. Making memory albums (so-called “memory maintenance”). Walks and excursions. Reading and reading aloud. Listening to music, making music, singing. Movement and To dance.

What can you do with seniors?

100 ideas for employment When it comes to the employment of senior citizens, it quickly becomes clear that bowling is the number one popular sport in Germany. 10 minute activations. Biographical questions. Memory training exercises. Movement stories. Mystery. Activation cards.

What can you do with a 10 minute activation?

The “10-minute activation” enables residents with dementia to be offered professional therapeutic care. The concept takes into account the often limited human resources as well as the limited ability to concentrate of confused seniors.

What games can you play with seniors?

Which games are particularly good for seniors? Games that train mental fitness or fine motor skills are particularly suitable. These include memory, mikado or number bingo.

What are seniors interested in?

Topics for senior citizens and the population. Professional successes (e.g. the state and development of biodiversity in Switzerland) Dramatic experiences (wars, refugees, crises) Cultural and sporting events (Olympics, World Cup, Euro) Biography.

What are the special features of games suitable for senior citizens?

Senior-friendly games also take cognitive impairments into account. Game variants with different playing times, flexible game rules or levels of difficulty facilitate individual use.

How is Vertellekes played?

The other players roll the dice one after the other. Depending on the field on which the other player lands, a card is drawn. The cards contain puzzles for seniors (for example proverb puzzles, keyword puzzles, word collections, questions about biography and small tasks such as pantomime and balloon games).

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