What should be included in a short version of the master’s thesis?

What should be included in a short version of the master’s thesis?

The conclusion from the point of view of the summaries The conclusion of a master’s thesis provides an evaluative summary of what has been previously written. It is at the end of a thesis. The conclusion includes the presentation of your work results and thus provides the quintessence of your research performance.

How long does a master’s thesis take?

This corresponds to 10,000 words or 72,000 characters. The length of a master’s thesis, on the other hand, can be between 30 and 100 pages. An average master’s thesis is 66 pages (16,500 words, 118,800 characters) long.

How do I find the right master’s thesis?

Numerous companies advertise specific topics as job advertisements. Look at online portals like to find a topic for a master’s thesis in the company.

What percentage does the master’s thesis count?

Master’s thesis and colloquium together make up 35% of the grade.

How is the bachelor’s cut calculated?

There are module grades and an overall Bachelor grade. The overall Bachelor grade is calculated in the same way by adding the module grades weighted with the ECTS points and dividing the total by the total number, 180 ECTS points. The grades are calculated exactly to two decimal places, i.e. not rounded.

How is the Bachelor composed?

The weighted grade of the BA thesis results from the grade of the BA thesis multiplied by the number of credits for the module (10C). The total is then divided by the total number of credits from the major (102C), minor (45C) and BA thesis (10C) (together 157C) and results in the overall BA grade.

How do you calculate grades with weighting?

– AW: Grade calculation with a weighting of 40% / 60% You do the same with the oral grades. The weighting of the oral grade is calculated as follows: 5 * 60/100 = 3. These two weightings are now simply added. The overall grade is calculated as 0.72 + 3 = 3.75.

How are the grades composed?

The certificate grade is determined from the written and oral grade. The written grade is based on the grades of the class work / exams. The oral grade is formed from the tuition fees.

What comes in the theoretical background?

A theoretical background adds another chapter to the literature part of a scientific paper. Here the focus is placed on a specific theory, model or other conceptual construct. This can later serve as the basis for the theoretical classification of the results.

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