What should be on a title page?

What should be on a title page?

This belongs on the cover sheet of your term paper, type of work (e.g. title of term paper, submission date of term paper, name and, if applicable, name of the course, faculty and subject semester, name of the course or seminar, name of your responsible teacher. Further entries … •

How can you make a beautiful cover sheet?

Create your own cover page in Word Open the desired Word document and switch to the “Insert” tab at the top. Select the “Cover Sheet” category at the top left and choose a variant you want. You now have the option of adding your own name, text and other details.

Which certificates must be included with an application?

Applicants with a lot of professional experience should omit school certificates, but the highest academic certificate or the educational certificate should not be missing. Current job references that match the job are also relevant. As a rule, the last three certificates are sufficient here.

Which attachments shouldn’t be missing from an application?

These are the most important attachments for a successful application The last school leaving certificate showing your highest educational qualification Internship and training certificates (this also includes a school internship) Recommendations from your previous employers (e.g. a positive assessment)

Can you apply without a job reference?

Especially when applying. Anyone who cannot produce job references is quickly under general suspicion; there could be a negative reason – for example, because the applicant wants to hide a particularly bad reference. In fact, you can apply without a certificate.

How important is a good job reference in the application?

Certificates are so important because they show the future employer what qualifications you really have. They are, so to speak, proof of the information you provided in your application letter and CV.

How important is a good job reference?

The job reference is your calling card for the next job. Anyone who leaves a company not only has a legal right to a job reference, but also to the fact that the assessment sounds friendly. HR managers are committed to the truth, but must not put obstacles in anyone’s way.

How many certificates do you include with an application?

Job references have the most informative value for HR managers. But here too, applicants should note that a lot doesn’t always help a lot. The current job reference must be sent in any case. In general, it is sufficient to enclose the last three job references with the application.

Which certificates are important?

These include job references, the university degree certificate, the vocational training certificate and the certificate of the last school leaving certificate. Don’t forget to put these in a meaningful order. Ideally, the most recent certificate is on top, while the oldest is on the back.

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