What should I reply to a hey?

What should I reply to a hey?

The easy way to reply is to text back something like Hey, but it might not get you very far. So consider asking them a few questions or paying a polite compliment. The best way to respond is to say: Hey, how are you/what’s up?

How do you answer a question?

In German, however, you can not only express THAT you are answering a question, but also HOW you do it. So you can say with what means someone reacts to a question. Then we use the preposition MIT, which, as we know, always works with the dative.

What is the difference between answer and answer?

You can answer a question without answering it. “Answer” refers to the action of responding to a question, while “answer” means actually responding to the content of the question.

What does answer mean?

Word Meaning/Definition: 1) give an answer to a question. 2) provide a written response to a letter. 3) show a reaction to something.

What does reply mean?

1) reply, reply, answer a question, make a reply. 2) react.

How do you write an answer?

Here are some tips to make your answers even better: Prepare. First, the question must be read carefully. links in the answer. Links to external sites are not welcome. Write clearly and correctly. Answer good questions. Be polite and friendly. Upvote answers.

What does the word reply mean?

Part of speech: noun, (feminine) IPA: [ɛɐ̯ˈviːdəʀʊŋ] Word Meaning/Definition: 1) Action of responding to an utterance and result of that action. 2) similar reaction.

Is answering a verb?

Conjugate the verb to answer. Especially for German learners, the correct conjugation of the verb or the correctly inflected forms (answers – answered – has answered) is crucial. Further information can be found under Wiktionary answer and answer in Duden.

Is saying a verb?

legend! says! Word separation: to say, past tense: said to, participle II: to say.

Is life a verb?

live! live, past tense: lived, participle II: lived.

What is the past of works?

Past tense I worked you worked test worked we worked you worked 1 more row

Can 1 past?

the correctly inflected forms (can – could – has been able to) are decisive. For more information, see Wiktionary can and can in Duden.

Has has come?

“has come” is the correct present perfect (which is used for past) construction. Typically if the verb has to deal with motion, it takes ‘to be’, but here is a more complete definition: It depends on the verb whether “to have” or “to be” is used. “to come” is used together with “to be”.

Is past tense 1 past?

The past tense (Latin praeteritum, the past ‘), also first past or Austrian mitpast, is a tense of the verb to designate past events and situations. The German forms “I ran, you laughed” or “it rained” are examples of verbs in the past tense.

What is the 1 past?

The past tense is also called the 1st past and expresses that an action is already over. This tense is used when you want to talk about the past. In German, the past tense is mainly used in written language (reports, stories, etc.)

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