What should not be missing in a very good job reference?

What should not be missing in a very good job reference?

Every employee has the right to a job reference. It must not contain any features or formulations that have the purpose of making a statement about the employee other than that which is apparent from the external form or the wording.

What belongs in a very good job reference?

A complete, exemplary job reference consists of: headline and introduction, task description, performance assessment, assessment of social behavior, termination formula, thank you and regret formula, wishes for the future, place and date of issue and signature.

What is in a very good job reference?

If a job reference is very good, then the employee is certified as having the best skills. The testimony reads like kudos to the employee. Typical formulations in job references are “always”, “always” or “to the fullest satisfaction”.

What does excellent mean in the job reference?

An excellent or very good performance (grade 1) is described as “always very good”, “excellent” or “impressive” based on the usual overall assessment with “always to the fullest satisfaction” in the job reference.

What does it mean if the job reference says honest?

The phrase means “He was punctual and hardworking. “Nothing good, because the terms honest, punctual and hardworking always belong together in the certificate. In translation, this means that the employee was not righteous.

What does appropriate mean in the job reference?

It becomes more difficult when expressing a 4: the key words for this are “appropriate” or “appropriate to the requirements”, which, on their own, represent a clear 5. These words become a 4 in the creation of the job reference if we put a temporal adverb in front of it: “Always according to the requirements.”

Was it always flawless?

The phrase “always flawless” is often used when assessing behavior and means a grade with a grade of very good. The description of the behavior simply with “perfect” means the grade good, since the time component is missing.

Was the job reference always flawless?

Grade 1: His behavior towards superiors and colleagues was always exemplary. Grade 2: Your behavior towards superiors and colleagues was impeccable at all times. Grade 4: Your behavior towards colleagues and superiors was correct and without objection.

Was it always reliable?

Job reference formulations: Good (grade 2) She / he always worked reliably and extremely conscientiously. She / he did the assignments with the utmost care and accuracy. Her / his relationship with superiors, employees and customers was always impeccable.

What does always mean?

always (German) IPA: [ʃteːʦ] Word meaning / definition: 1) anytime, always.

What does always satisfied mean?

It is advisable to use the following grading scale: “always done to our complete satisfaction” = very good performance; “Always done to our full satisfaction” = good performance; “Done to our complete satisfaction” = fully satisfactory performance; “Always done to our satisfaction” = …

What does always mean in reviews?

Because a few letters tell you your grade immediately. Particularly important here: If the little word “always” is missing in your certificate, good performance on your part was apparently the exception. You get a “very good” for “always to our complete satisfaction”, the 2 for “always to our complete satisfaction”.

What does always mean?

Those who “always tried” to meet the requirements received the worst of the possible evaluations. If the assessment instead contains very marginal characteristics and activities, this is an indication of a bad report.

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