What should you eat before the exam?

What should you eat before the exam?

What Really Helps: Drink a lot. Water or lightly sweetened tea are best. Eat whole grains or oatmeal for breakfast. Get the right snacks. Don’t eat anything powerful beforehand. Avoid performance-enhancing medication.

What do you have to take with you to a university exam?

In any case, you must bring a valid photo ID (identity card or passport) and your student ID with you to the exam. As a rule, you will still need writing tools.

What do I have to take with me to the exam?

Before we forget: What do you have to bring to the final exam? Invitation, ID card or passport, ballpoint pen, pocket calculator (not exclusively solar-powered – otherwise it looks dark when the sun is not shining) Possibly. Report booklet / proof of training (written examination)

What can you do against blackout?

Overcoming blackouts: tips against the dreaded dropouts As soon as the fear arises, it helps briefly to “stop! Draw attention. Consciously focus your attention on your surroundings and away from yourself. Breathe away stress. Relax muscles. Repeat and summarize. Admit blackout.

Why do you get a blackout?

You often have a blackout in situations that you experience as stressful. What happens is that enormous amounts of glucocorticoids, including cortisol, are released, which ensure that the brain and muscles are provided with a lot of energy.

What can you take against exam anxiety?

For example, zeller relaxation can help with a combination of valerian, passion flower, butterbur and lemon balm. Herbal tranquilizers are very helpful as natural and gentle support for exam anxiety.

What can you do if you are afraid of a class test?

Once the fear of class work is there, it means: Strengthen self-confidence, find causes and take away fears bit by bit … Step 1: Identify the causes and create a good basis Analyze the fear, find the causes. Take the pressure off. Be realistic. Create a relaxed learning atmosphere.

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