What should you watch out for in the subject of a cover letter?

What should you watch out for in the subject of a cover letter?

If a code number or other allocation number of the application is mentioned in the job advertisement, the applicant should also mention this in the subject of the cover letter. This also serves to correctly assign your own documents. The word subject should not appear in the subject line.

What do you write in the subject of an email?

The subject line is the first thing the recipient will read of your email. Based on the subject line, the recipient decides whether he considers your email to be important and / or urgent or whether he classifies your email as less important and may only process it later.

How should the subject be worded?

It is important that the subject is crisp, short and appropriate to the content so that the recipient can quickly see what the message is about and arouse their interest. A maximum of 30 to 50 characters are recommended so that the subject can be read at a glance and not part of it is hidden.

How do you correctly spell you or you?

As a rule, the salutation “you” and the plural “you”, as well as the possessive pronouns “your” and “your”, are written in lower case. But – you can also capitalize the salutation in letters, e-mails and SMS. So it is up to you whether you choose upper or lower case in a letter.

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