What skills do I have when applying?

What skills do I have when applying?

In the following, we will show you which skills and characteristics are particularly popular in a conversation. Ability to work in a team. Independence. Willingness to take responsibility. Mobility. Willingness to compromise. Open-mindedness. Willingness to learn. Further entries … •

How do I formulate strengths in an application?

Strengths in the application – these are most frequently mentioned: experience abroad, teamwork skills, motivation, resilience, sense of responsibility, quick apprehension, punctuality, flexibility.

Why is it important to be reliable?

Reliability means doing your job. Reliability also means, if you cannot do your part, to say it in good time so that others can adjust to it. Reliability makes cooperation easier and is important because of respect and love for others.

What does personal reliability mean?

The unreliability must be relevant to the evidence, i.e. facts must be present from which a personal unreliability arises. There are no positive assessment criteria for personal reliability. Rather, reliability is assumed if negative facts about the person are not known.

When are you unreliable?

Unreliability is usually persistent behavior that is not tied to specific people and therefore has nothing to do with you personally. So don’t misinterpret it that way and unnecessarily get into self-doubt or anger because you see it as an affront to yourself.

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