What sources are there? What sources are there?

What sources are there?

There are four large groups into which sources can be divided: material sources (buildings and works of art, coins, clothing,…) pictorial sources (artistic representations) written sources (newspapers, letters) abstract sources (legends, folk festivals)

What is a text source?

The textual sources are the most important and usually the most meaningful sources, at least from the point of view of historians. They typically include letters, files, newspapers, pamphlets, and literary works. Sometimes one also speaks of the narrative sources.

How do you describe a source?

Structure of source analysis: Author of the text.Title.Date and place of publication.Text type (political speech, diary entry, newspaper article, etc.)Addressee and intention.Source type (primary or secondary source?)Topic.

Which question determines the investigation of the source?

Leading question Which question determines the investigation of the source(s)? – Who is the author? (possibly office, position, function, social class) – What type of source (letter, speech, contract, …) is it? – When and where was the text published? – With which topic or

How do you rate a source?

Based on the factual judgment, the source is evaluated in terms of its credibility and relevance for its time and for the present. Your own opinion should also be formulated, revealing your standards of value, as a personal statement from the source.

How do I cite an oral source?

Oral sources from interviewees Statements by interviewees are quoted if they accurately reflect a fact or an opinion. If you have the consent of the person interviewed, you can give first names and surnames as well as the date of the interview as a source.

What is the difference between a source and a representation?

Materials that were produced at a later point in time and can therefore only represent the time under investigation are not sources, but so-called historical representations. Representations are narratives in which the past is reconstructed from sources.

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