What tasks are involved in processing mail?

What tasks are involved in processing mail?

What do I have to consider when processing incoming mail manually? Task 1: Sorting out or pre-sorting incoming mail. Task 2: Opening the mail as a second task. Task 3: The removal of the documents. Exercise 5 + 6: Sorting and mail distribution. Internal Power of Attorney.

What must an entry stamp contain?

Regular information that an entry stamp should contain is the current date and the department or name of the person in charge. Usually, in larger companies, the post office is opened centrally.

What is mail processing?

Office management – mail processing, sorting, franking and sending – in commercial professions, mail processing of newspapers, parcels and letters is part of everyday life. New media do not replace the letter, but rather add further possibilities.

Why do you need an entry stamp?

Receipt stamps are used to identify documents that a company, authority or organization has received by post, fax or email. As a minimum, the letter is supplemented with information about when it was processed in the inbox.

What counts in Germany post stamps or receipt stamps?

Receipt of the letter by people present takes place when the letter is handed over, and that of those who are absent is received by throwing in the letter. When the letter is postmarked is irrelevant for receipt. The point in time at which the letter reaches the recipient is decisive.

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