What tire sizes can I drive?

You drove over the summer on the beautiful 16-inch aluminum rims, but would like to buy another set of rims for the winter tires for the salty winter time. It can be a cheaper, smaller rim.

Unfortunately, it is enough to find out all the permitted sizes for your own vehicle not stop looking at the vehicle registration document:

There is only one size listed. Larger and smaller wheels are almost always permitted. All sizes that may be assembled can be found in the so-called CoC paper. This “Certificate of Conformity‘ or the ‘EC Certificate of Conformity“ Are usually supplied with the vehicle purchase. among the Digits 32 and 50 are the permitted sizes.

Otherwise, it is of course always possible to fit the currently fitted or factory fitted size. The best way to read this is directly on the tyre: The number is eg. 225 / 45 R 17 H, where the first number is the width, the second is the cross section, and the number after the R is the dimension in inches. The letter is the speed index.

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The CoC paper or “EC Certificate of Conformity”

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A look at the CoC paper: The permitted sizes can be found under the numbers 32 and 50.

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