What to do after graduation?

What to do after graduation?

School leavers with a secondary school leaving certificate have many opportunities to shape their professional career: They can start school or dual training, do an internship or do voluntary service.

What’s next after high school?

What will you do after graduation? Volunteer service: FSJ, FÖJ, BFD & IJFD.Bundeswehr: voluntary military service.Internship – gaining initial experience.Work after graduation.Travel after graduation: work & travel.Learning a language: language courses & language trips .Going abroad as an au pair.

Can you do a year abroad after high school?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go to university, are planning an apprenticeship or are looking for other paths, you won’t be able to take a break for a year abroad after you graduate from high school or high school. A year abroad after leaving school does not mean simply taking a vacation and bridging the gap.

Where to go after graduation?

Top 10 best departure destinationsLloret De Mar (Spain) Golden Sands (Bulgaria) Rimini (Italy) Calella (Spain) Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) Novalja (Croatia) Moliets (France) Lake Garda (Italy)

How do you do work and travel?

Work and Travel is the idea of ​​going abroad for a certain period of time and at least partially financing the trip by working locally. Many countries offer specially tailored visas that allow a year’s stay and any type of work.

Where can you do work and travel?

Table of contentsThe differences between the work and travel countries.Work and Travel Country #1: Australia.Work and Travel Country #2: New Zealand.Work and Travel Country #3: Canada.Work and Travel Country #4: USA.Work and Travel Country #5 : Chile. Work and Travel Country #6: Japan. Work and Travel Country #7: Thailand.

How much does a Work and Travel cost?

The costs for a Work and Travel stay are made up of one-off and ongoing costs. The biggest factor in the one-off costs is the flight. Depending on the host country, the prices for the tickets are usually between 800 and 1,500 euros.

What do you need for Work and Travel in New Zealand?

Important requirements for work and travel in New ZealandYou must be between the ages of 18 and 30 to apply.You must have a valid passport.You must not have a significant criminal record.Proof of financial reserves of NZ$4,200 (approx.

How much does a Work and Travel make in New Zealand?

Your previous knowledge, the respective jobs and locations play a role. As a backpacker, you usually get between 10 and 18 NZD (approx. 6 to 11 euros) per hour. With the appropriate professional experience, you can also earn more in a qualified job.

How Much Money for Work and Travel New Zealand?

The working holiday visa for New Zealand currently costs just under 150 euros or 245 New Zealand dollars (as of December 2018). However, this fee may change from time to time. You can check the current price at any time on the website of the New Zealand immigration authorities.

What do you need for a holiday in New Zealand?

DocumentsPassport.Flight tickets.Visa.Certificate of foreign health insurance.EC and credit cards.Certified account statement in NZ$International driver’s license.

What do you need in New Zealand?

Other essential items needed in New ZealandPocket knife.Sarong (can be used for just about anything: blanket, skirt, scarf…) Lock for lockers.Small shoulder bag or jute bag.Mosquito spray.Light towel.Sunscreen.Notebook.

When is the best time to travel to New Zealand?

Spring: September to November The best time to experience Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound at their best. Spring temperatures range from 5 to 18 degrees. Our tip: Book early for the spring months in New Zealand as it is a popular travel time.

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