What to do if my child wants to drop out of school?

What to do if my child wants to drop out of school?

In any case, parents should engage in dialogue with their children to look for them and together find other options than dropping out of school. The school, e.g. the tutors, can also help here, or advice centers on the subject. These can be found on the internet.

What happens if you drop out of school?

Anyone who drops out of school without completing compulsory schooling must continue to attend school. This can be a year of basic vocational training or a year of vocational preparation.

How do you drop out of school?

That’s why you can only legally drop out of school after nine years (including honor laps), that’s how long compulsory schooling lasts and you have to go to school. Anyone who leaves school earlier must expect to be subjected to administrative offense proceedings for “violation of compulsory school attendance”.

What do I have after 11th grade?

Fachhochschulreife The Fachhochschulreife is awarded after successful completion of a school and a job-related part: Pupils acquire the school part after completing the 11th grade of a higher school (e.g. vocational college, technical college, vocational college, etc.

What options after 11th grade at high school?

You can acquire a higher education entrance qualification at grammar schools, comprehensive schools, technical schools or vocational schools. There is the general higher education entrance qualification (“Abitur”), the subject-related higher education entrance qualification and the advanced technical college entrance qualification (“Fachabitur”). Your options: A degree or an apprenticeship.

Can you leave school in 9th grade?

Yes, you can stop after the 9th grade, then you would have a secondary school certificate, as far as I know, in Germany there is a 12-year compulsory education. The three years of vocational school during your training are also included.

What degree do you get after 9th grade at Realschule?

In the federal states in which there is still or again a Realschule, you receive the (simple) Hauptschule certificate at the Realschule with the transfer from the ninth to the tenth grade, if a certain grade point average has been achieved.

Can I withdraw from school in the middle of the school year?

You are of legal age, 18 years old and no longer of school age. Yes, you can drop out of school on Monday. However, you will then not have access to the university. As many have already written, you can of course finish school at any time since you are no longer of school age.

What kind of qualification do you have after the 9th grade of high school?

The certificate of successful completion of middle school is awarded to those who have passed the ninth grade of middle school with an average grade of at least 4.0. If you attend a grammar school and have successfully completed the ninth grade, you automatically receive the certificate of completion of middle school.

Can you leave high school after 9th grade?

The repetition presupposes that the student does not thereby exceed the maximum duration of the education at secondary level I. Classes 9 and 10 can be repeated once voluntarily if you have obtained a degree but failed to achieve the desired further qualification.

What qualifications do you have after the 9th grade of high school in NRW?

Lower secondary school certificate This is obtained automatically after completing the 9th school year without a central graduation procedure at the lower secondary school, junior high school, grammar school, secondary school or comprehensive school.

What kind of degree do you get after 10?

Comprehensive schools can also end with the intermediate school leaving certificate, which in some federal states is also known as the intermediate school leaving certificate, technical college entrance qualification or secondary or real school leaving certificate. Those who leave the Gymnasium after the tenth grade usually also have an intermediate educational qualification.

What are the options after high school?

You can apply for any training occupation and later even complete a master craftsman’s certificate or study at the vocational college (BOS). Under certain conditions, it is also possible to study without FOS, BOS or grammar school with vocational training and professional experience.

What do I do after 10th grade at Realschule?

Follow-up paths after the 10th grade Vocational training in the dual system. at the State Technical College and Vocational College in Munich. at the city. at the vocational high school in Unterschleißheim. at the vocational school in Erding. at the city. at the Theresa-von-Bayern-School (Munich) at the vocational high school in Rosenheim.

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