What to do if the file name is too long?

What to do if the file name is too long?

Windows: File name too long – what you can do If the file name is too long, you can simply shorten it. If the path of the file is too long, move the folder to your desktop. If the file still cannot be deleted, the free program Unlocker will help you.

What is a relative path?

A relative path refers to a location relative to the current directory. The current directory is sometimes referred to as the root directory.

Is a register?

The term directory refers to a structured list of documents, files, and folders on the computer. A directory is like a phone book, containing names, phone numbers, and addresses, but not the actual houses themselves.

What is a UNC address?

UNC means “Universal Naming Convention”. By specifying the UNC path, a path in the network can be accessed without a drive letter. This path does not have to be visible in windows explorer either.

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