What to do if the termination is not confirmed?

What to do if the termination is not confirmed?

If your supplier ignores, refuses to cancel, or does not confirm your cancellation within 14 days, you have sufficient time to cancel by registered mail / post.

What to do if there is no response to the termination?

First reaction to ignoring the letter of termination In the event that the provider ignores the letter, he should be sent a letter of formal notice asking him to confirm the termination or to acknowledge that the contractual relationship no longer exists.

What to do if the gym does not respond to the termination?

AW: Fitness center does not react to termination. After the end of the contract, the person concerned should simply no longer pay any contributions or allow unauthorized debits to be reversed. The studio must then take action if it believes that it still has claims.

Is the employer obliged to confirm the termination?

A termination is a unilateral declaration of intent that requires receipt. A confirmation or even a declaration of consent is not necessary for the termination to take effect.

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