What to do shortly before the exam

What to do shortly before the exam

Before you go, make sure you have everything you need with you. For example, you shouldn’t forget: your (student) ID, writing materials (and spare parts), calculator, something to drink, a snack and of course a few last-minute learning materials to ensure that you feel good.

What to do with home remedies if you are anxious about exams?

When exam anxiety hits the stomach A grip on the spice rack often promises quick help: Chamomile blossoms, coriander, cumin or fennel seeds are suitable for calming the entire gastrointestinal tract, and a little hot ginger water or tea made from orange peel can help against loss of appetite.

What can you do against black out?

Overcoming blackouts: tips against the dreaded dropouts As soon as the fear arises, it helps briefly to “stop! Draw attention. Consciously focus your attention on your surroundings and away from yourself. Breathe away stress. Relax muscles. Repeat and summarize. Admit blackout.

How do I help my child with exam anxiety?

Before exams, it can therefore help if you do something nice with your child and distract them. After studying, you can watch a movie with him or play a game together. Targeted relaxation exercises can also help against exam anxiety. Because if you are relaxed, you cannot feel fear.

What can you do about it if the child is nervous?

Make comfortable with your child regularly and read stories together or reflect on the day together. Exercise in the fresh air also relieves stress. Take your child for a walk every now and then. Here, too, important conversations about fears and worries can be held.

Which globules for exam anxiety?

The use of the remedy for anxiety, stage fright, test anxiety or other psychological complaints should be carried out with Argentum nitricum D30 or Argentum nitricum C30. The usual Argentum nitricum dosage is two to three globules with each ingestion.

Which Bach flowers for children?

Bach flowers for children: Concentration disorders and learning problems: White Chestnut. Exhaustion: Olive. Fear: Mimulus. Loss of drive: Clematis. Helps with nightmares: Rock Rose. For picky and nagging children: Beech. Excessive ambition: Oak. Overly disciplined: Rock Water.

What are the effects of Bach flowers?

The Bach flowers can represent the psychological opposite of our stressful life. For this reason, according to Dr. Nowadays, Bach is in great demand when it comes to coping with fear, stress, inner unrest or other negative mental states in everyday life.

How long do you have to take Bach flowers before they work?

The duration of use depends on the health situation. In acute cases, it is recommended to take it for one to four days. If the processes are chronic, it is advisable to take the Bach flowers for about four weeks.

Which is better globules or Bach flowers?

Bach flowers as globules have the same advantage as drops: They can be dosed very well. They can also be taken without water. Since globules usually do not contain alcohol, this form of administration is possible in Bach flower therapy for children.

How dangerous are Bach flowers?

His verdict: Several sound scientific studies have shown no effectiveness of Bach flowers in the treatment of diseases. Due to the high dilution of the flower essences used, side effects are not to be expected.

Can you become addicted to Bach flowers?

There is not a single side effect, it cannot be overdosed or addictive. Bach flowers can easily be used in parallel to another medication or treatment (e.g. homeopathy) without reducing or influencing their effect.

Which Bach flowers help with depression?

Mustard is suitable for people who from time to time experience bad mood, melancholy, or depression for no apparent reason. It is therefore used for pathological disorders that are associated with sadness or depression, such as aversion, moodiness, any kind of dejection or sadness.

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