What to do when you buy a used car What to do when you buy a used car

What do you have to do when you buy a used car?

If you want to buy a used car, it is advisable to buy it directly from the dealer. Compared to the private seller, it offers several advantages. A good dealer checks a vehicle thoroughly before it is sold and has it professionally prepared accordingly.

How do I pay for a used car?

Paying with cash is the common way of purchasing your used dream car. It is also the simplest, because it follows the principle of money for a car. The payment is part of the so-called train-by-train procedure. First the sales contract is signed, then payment is made.

What do you have to do after buying a used car?

If you have bought a car that is still registered to the previous owner, you have to agree with them about the transfer journey. Ideally, you drive the car directly from the pick-up point of the vehicle to your registration office and register the car there on yourself.

What do I have to consider when buying a car?

Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration) and Part II (vehicle registration document) Certificate of the last general inspection (HU) and the emissions test (AU) Key or code cards for the vehicle. Operation manual.

What do I have to consider when buying a new car?

Make sure that the dealer gives you all the papers and keys. Also, check whether the vehicle has been damaged in transit. Check that the car has all of the extras specified in the sales contract. Finally, you should check whether the first-aid kit, warning triangle, etc.

What do you need to take a test drive?

As a potential buyer, you must bring your ID card and driver’s license with you to the test drive. Sellers should have the prospective buyer’s driver’s license shown. If the dealer or seller does not want to see your papers, this can be a bad sign.

When is it worth buying a new car?

Anyone who could afford a new car usually drives a car that is no more than four years old. In his case, buying a new one almost never makes financial sense. The car is usually fully paid off. The decline in value will certainly continue – but much more slowly.

When is it no longer worth repairing a car?

The rule of thumb is: if the repair is more than half the residual value, it is better not to repair the damage, but to sell the car. Anyone who still puts a lot of money into the old one should really keep it to the bitter end.

Should you buy a new car?

Advantages of buying a new car The advantages of a new car are obvious: the equipment of the vehicle can be put together according to needs and wishes. In addition, the manufacturer’s guarantee is usually longer than is the case with guarantees for used cars.

When is leasing worthwhile for private individuals?

For whom is car leasing worthwhile? Leasing is worthwhile for private individuals who prefer planning security thanks to the fixed monthly rates and who do not plan to use their car for longer than three years. Flexibility is made possible by the different terms (e.g. 12, 24 or 36 months).

Why is company leasing cheaper than private leasing?

So if companies decide to lease a vehicle, the fees can be claimed directly as a business expense – this has an immediate effect on profits: the monthly leasing payments reduce profits, which in turn leads to a drop in income and thus also that to …

When is leasing worthwhile for companies?

A not insignificant advantage is that the leasing eliminates the need for a large acquisition investment for the entrepreneur, the equity remains unaffected and thus the liquidity is preserved. The financial burden in the form of monthly leasing installments is reduced and is spread over the entire term.

Which is better to lease or finance?

The biggest advantage of leasing are the monthly payments, which are usually lower than with financing. Another difference, which is often seen as an advantage, is the shorter leasing terms. They start at two years of age and usually don’t run longer than five.

Why is leasing more expensive than financing?

As the lessee, you are not the owner of the asset and you cannot sell it or use it as security for a loan. A premature exit from the leasing contract is usually not possible or only possible at high cost. Compared to traditional bank loans, leasing is usually more expensive.

Is leasing a good idea?

If you cannot or do not want to invest that much equity in buying a car, leasing is a good alternative to financing. At the end of the contract period, the lessee does not own the vehicle, but his reserves are usually saved.

What are the advantages of leasing?

Advantages of leasing Leasing installments are fully tax deductible as business expenses if the leasing object is assigned to the lessor for tax purposes. Even in the long term, the leasing rate is not influenced by changes in interest rates or rating changes and thus serves as a reliable basis for calculation.

What speaks against car leasing?

This speaks against car leasing: Relatively high leasing rates for a short term (usually a minimum of one year). The vehicle must be returned (except if the right to tender has been agreed). Additional payment for longer mileage or lower residual value than agreed.

Why leasing so cheap?

With leasing you can drive new cars very cheaply, but the offers are difficult to compare. Leasing has long been worthwhile for private drivers too – especially if they like to drive a new car and want to change the model more frequently.

Is leasing dangerous?

Leasing Problems You cannot borrow or pledge the vehicle. Changes and modifications are usually not possible. A lessee shouldn’t choose the cheapest insurance. A fully comprehensive insurance must cover all costs from the leasing contract in the event of a total loss.

What are the disadvantages of leasing?

The disadvantages of leasingLeasing vehicles are not owned by the tenant. The lessee is not the owner of the vehicle in which he is traveling. Possible problems with the return. Early termination of the contract is hardly possible. Free choice of workshop mostly excluded.

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