What to do with fogged windows?

Why, even in brand new vehicles, the windows fog up from the inside can have very different reasons. It is often the case that the moisture that settles on the windows from the inside is brought into the vehicle from the outside. A classic source of moisture in the car is snow. It is common to bring large amounts of snow into the car with your feet. While driving, this melts and makes for a wet floor mat. The moisture in the car then has the opportunity to rise to the top of the windows until the next trip. Even very wet umbrellas that are thrown into the car cause a lot of moisture, which in turn settles on the windows.

Who his fogged windows as quickly as possible get free should, regardless of whether it is summer or winter, set the air conditioning to full power and only adjust the air distribution to the pane(s). In winter, air conditioning compressors often do not work below 4 degrees, here it is advisable to wipe the windows with a clean microfibre cloth and of course not to leave it in the vehicle. Even if windows only look slightly fogged up, this can lead to extreme obstruction of vision in the dark and oncoming vehicles!

There are also special “anti-fog sprays” for (front) windows. However, we recommend cleaning the window thoroughly and properly from the inside, so that at least there are no streaks when the window is fogged up!

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