What to take with you to the exam

What to take with you to the exam

Before we forget: What do you have to bring with you to the final exam?Invitation.ID card or passport.Ballpoint pen.Calculator (not exclusively solar-powered, otherwise it looks dark when the sun isn’t shining). Report booklet/evidence of training (written exam)

How many exams can you take in one semester?

On average, every student in Germany has 6 to 7 exams per semester. And the corresponding exam material sometimes varies so much that you get the feeling of being enrolled in two or three completely different courses.

What happens if you are exmatriculated?

In contrast to matriculation, where you enroll at a university at the beginning of your studies, you will be removed from the list of students when you de-register. You only lose your student status when you are de-registered and your studies at the respective university are considered to be over.

When to exmatriculate when changing universities?

Definition: What is exmatriculation? This happens with the de-registration, when you are removed from the list of students. This document is also required when changing universities. If you finish your studies according to plan, you will be automatically exmatriculated and don’t have to worry about anything.

When will you be exmatriculated at the University of Cologne?

De-registration will take effect at the end of the semester (September 30 for the summer semester and March 31 for the winter semester). Please submit the completed application for exmatriculation to the Student Secretariat.

When will you be exmatriculated from the University of Hamburg?

If you successfully complete your studies and do not explicitly apply for exmatriculation, you will be exmatriculated at the end of the semester in which you complete your studies (ie on March 31st or September 30th).

How do I get my exmatriculation certificate?

You can apply for a new de-registration certificate from the secretariat of your college or university. At many universities you can also download such a certificate online via the student portal. The prerequisite for this is that your login has not yet been deleted.

What does the de-registration certificate say?

Degree, number of semesters, the period in which you were enrolled, the de-registration date and the date on which the de-registration was issued. The proof of performance is a separate document, but you will not receive it automatically. Then you would have to apply for it separately.

How can I be exmatriculated?

You submit the exmatriculation application to the responsible office if you want to end your studies at your university. The central student administration is usually responsible for exmatriculation. You can download the application from the university’s website.

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