What to write in a profile What to write in a profile

What do you write in a profile?

Your profile should be optimistic and give a positive first impression, just like you would like on a first date, for example. Also, do not give out your contact details or any other personal information. These are usually at the top of the résumé.

What do you write about me in your résumé?

Write down the names of the jobs that interest you. Then describe what exactly interests you in this job. Exercise 2: Is there a vacancy that you particularly notice and is 100% consistent with what you want from a job? Describe this type of work.

What makes you special about application?

Particularly, well, successfully: Formulations This is why I applied to you because … “” As I understood the job posting, it is particularly important for you that I “” In my opinion, the main success factors in my daily work are … “

Why am I exactly the right person for the job?

Show sovereignty and use the question as an opportunity to put yourself in a good light. Repeat where your strengths lie, which successes speak for you and which professional experiences distinguish you. “I am the right person for this position because I have extensive and many years of experience in sales.

Why should we give them the job?

Example: “You should hire me because I am good at organizing myself. “No matter how convincing the argument is. If your competitors have more to offer, you’re out. So it is better to present a mix of strengths, unique selling points, experiences and previous successes.

Is training as an industrial mechanic difficult?

Nowadays it’s not that extreme anymore. However, in this job you are of course still exposed to hazardous substances, dangers from machine tools, noise, UV radiation (welding), sometimes heavy physical work, etc. In addition, there can be work on scaffolding and ladders.

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