What type of text?

What type of text?

Written text typesPrivate text types (notes, letters, diaries)Literary text types (fables, short stories, novels, poems)Journalistic text types (messages, reports, reports)Scientific text types (treats, essays, monographs)Didactic text types (school books, instructions, sermons, lectures)

Is a text type?

A basic distinction is made between fact (fact) and fiction (poetry). This corresponds to a division into factual text and literary text. A text type is a group of texts that has a bundle of properties that all other texts do not have.

What types of text are there in German?

Different types of textThe anecdote.The ballad. Student work.The fable.The calendar story.The short story.Poems (poetry)Fairy tales.Factual texts.

What belongs to factual texts?

Factual texts can be found everywhere in everyday life. They want to inform the reader and provide facts on a specific topic. Factual texts are, for example, speeches, advertising flyers, reports, comments, letters to the editor, instructions for use, house and school rules, advertising texts and newspaper articles.

What is meant by text genre?

The concept of genre or text genre arranges literary works into groups that are specific in terms of content or form. Today’s genre system with its classic tripartite division goes back to the Poetics of Aristotle, which Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also took up.

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