What types of articles are there?

What types of articles are there?

Whenever we use a noun in a sentence, we also use the corresponding article. The article adapts to the noun in case (case), gender (genus) and number (numerus). There are two different types of articles, definite and indefinite.

Which word determines the article?

The article “der” goes with masculine nouns, the article “die” accompanies feminine nouns and the article “das” we find with neuter nouns. But how do I recognize which noun has which grammatical gender? This is often very easy: the noun follows its natural gender.

How do you recognize specific items?

The definite article thus provides the following information as a noun companion:Genus. What’s that man’s name? (masculine) The woman is ironing the blouse. ( Number. The child is playing with the doll. ( Singular) The children are playing with the toy cars. ( Case. The man is going for a walk. ( Nominative, masculine)

Which word determines the article in compound nouns?

In compound words, the last word determines the part of speech. If present, the suffix noun determines the article (der, die and das) in the compound word.

When do I write der die oder das?

First some good news: In the plural, the article is simple. The definite article in the nominative plural is always die. So it means: the letters. There is no indefinite article for the plural in German.

Why that or that?

If a noun ends in -ung, -ie, -ei, -keit, -heit, schaft, -tät, -ik or -tion, it is feminine and has the article “die””. For example, one would say: the newspaper, the comedy, the bakery, the activity, the beauty, the team, the university, the music and the situation.

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