What types of data collection are there?

What types of data collection are there?

Quantitative methods include measurements, counting, the analysis of statistical data, surveys, tests and structured observations. In the qualitative data collection, detailed, subjective and individual findings about attitudes and actions are determined.

What is a quantitative statement?

In the social sciences, the representativeness of quantitative results is important; Therefore, a sample is defined in relation to a population and, as a rule, significantly higher numbers of cases are required for the investigation than with the qualitative approach.

What does the word research mean?

The term research (French recherche, ‘(Nach-) research’, ‘search’, ‘investigation’), also investigation (Latin investigatio, ‘Aufspürung’, ‘Erforschung’) or research (English research ← from French recherche, see above ), describes the targeted, not casual search for information.

What is meant by the term quality?

According to the DIN EN ISO standard (the valid standard for quality management), quality is defined as the “degree to which a set of inherent characteristics of an object fulfills requirements”. The quality thus indicates the extent to which a product (goods or service) meets the existing requirements.

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