What vocabulary does a person have?

What vocabulary does a person have?

The vocabulary of the standard German language comprises approx. 75,000 words, the total size of the German vocabulary is estimated at 300,000 to 500,000 words or lexemes depending on the source and counting method.

How big is a person’s vocabulary?

While Goethe is said to have had a vocabulary of 80,000 words, an average German speaker can fall back on around 4,000 to 10,000 words. In everyday life, 400 to 800 words are enough to communicate adequately.

How many words are there in the whole world?

Dictionary makers recently assumed that there are around 300,000 to 500,000 German words. The so-called standard vocabulary is estimated at around 70,000, the rest are more technical languages, jargons and regional dialects.

How many words does the average person know?

And how many words does a German speaker use on average? The vocabulary of contemporary German is generally between 300,000 and 500,000 words (basic forms).

Who speaks the most languages?

A living polyglot is the Greek Ioannis Ikonomou, who speaks over 30 languages ​​and works as a translator for the European Commission in Brussels.

how many words are there

About 171,000 words from the Oxford English Dictionary can be used today. The vocabulary of our everyday language contains just 70,000 words. The rest consists of technical terms and less common words.

How many words are there in Arabic?

Arabic has an alphabet of 28 letters. The letters are usually connected when writing. There are actually only five different basic shapes.

Who has the largest vocabulary?

The result: According to the study, Morlockk Dilemma has the largest vocabulary with the use of 3,093 different words. Unsurprisingly, second place is occupied by Kollegah with 3,009 words.

How big was Goethe’s vocabulary?

His finger snapped up, and when he was finally taken, he claimed, “Goethe has been shown to have an enormous active vocabulary: around 90,000 words!

What have we learned from the Arabs?

Above all, many astronomical terms, some important terms of mathematics and basic terms of chemistry were taken over by the Arabs, since after the turmoil of the migration period, the ancient scientific literature preserved in Arabic was an important source of medieval European …

What are all Arab countries?

There are a total of 24 sovereign states and 2 non-internationally recognized territories where Arabic is an official language.Egypt.Algeria.Bahrain.Djibouti.Eritrea.Iraq.Israel.Yemen.

How many words are there in the Greek language?

According to a post by, the Greek language is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most wordy language with 5 million words. For example, the English language, which is much more widespread, has only 490,000 words, of which 41,615 are Greek.

Is the Greek language difficult?

Greek is certainly one of the most difficult languages ​​and will certainly challenge you. Of course you have to learn the script. Then you have to distinguish between 5 different i, 2 wasted o etc. In Greek there are more tenses as well.

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