What was the reason for the Cold War?

What was the reason for the Cold War?

As a result of the currency reform and the Berlin blockade, the cooperation became an increasing East/West conflict, which culminated in the German-German division in 1949. The division of Germany and Berlin became a symbol of the Cold War.

Who were the opponents in the Cold War?

Opponents were the western camp, led by the USA, with the aim of containing Soviet communism, and the eastern camp, led by the Soviet Union, in avowed opposition to the “capitalism” and “imperialism” of western states.

Who was involved in the Cold War?

During the Cold War, the United States, which fought together against Germany until 1945, faced off against the Soviet Union and its allied states. These blocs of states represented opposing economic, political, and social orders.

What is the East West Conflict?

East-West conflict, the antagonism between the western states led by the USA and the eastern block states led by the Soviet Union, which lasted for decades after the Second World War and which determined world politics.

How did the Cold War end in simple terms?

During the war itself, the Soviet Union and the USA fought together against Germany and other countries. They were victorious in 1945. After that, however, these two “superpowers” ​​fought over world power.

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