What will trade school bring me?

What will trade school bring me?

The commercial diploma enables entry into a commercial profession without completing a commercial apprenticeship. The commercial school is designed for adult professionals who have completed an apprenticeship and would like to take on a job in the commercial sector with the commercial diploma.

What is VSH commercial diploma?

The VSH commercial diploma is the right training for you. You will develop basic commercial knowledge and acquire a diploma that is recognized in the working world.

What degree do you get from business school?

Secondary school (MS): Successful completion of the eighth school year with assessment according to the Standard AHS performance level or assessment according to the Standard performance level with at least satisfactory in the differentiated compulsory subjects (German, mathematics, foreign language).

Is the business school a technical college?

In 1818, Ernst-Wilhelm Arnoldi, insurance salesman and “father of German insurance” founded a commercial school in Gotha. The commercial school is a secondary vocational school that can be completed in two years or in one year.

Is a technical diploma the same as a commercial college?

The aim of the higher business school is to prepare the students for all professions in the field of business and administration. It can last one or two years, with two years at the end of grade 12 the school part of the advanced technical college entrance qualification is acquired.

What is HAS for a school?

The commercial school (HAS) is a three-year vocational middle school. You learn activities that are in demand in modern companies such as B. Accounting, bookkeeping, business administration or computer science, but also languages ​​or scientific basics.

How long is trade school?

Duration: 3 years, (4 years commercial school for competitive athletes, Ski-HAS…) The commercial school (HAS) provides comprehensive general education and basic commercial training in an integrated form, which enable you to practice professions in many branches of business and administration.

What can you become after HAS?

10 HAS Graduation JobsInsights Videos. Transport manager with knowledge of Spanish (male/female) Transport manager with knowledge of Polish (male/female) Transport manager with knowledge of Polish (male/female) Clerk for dunning. Assistant to the Management/ Secretariat (m/f) Insights. back office office.

How long does the HAK last?

Commercial Academy (HAK): lasts 5 years, ends with a matriculation and diploma examination (Matura); provides excellent general and economic education (list of items); after graduating from the commercial academy, you can start directly in the work process or at universities, academies, colleges…

Is the HAK a university?

The commercial academy (abbreviation HAK) is a vocational college (BHS) in Austria, which focuses on commercial and business education for the students.

What do you have after the HAK?

After at least 3 years, graduates of a HAK (commercial academy) can achieve the qualification level “Diplom Kaufmann/Diplom Kauffrau”. However, you must provide evidence of further qualifications after the HAK degree.

What is a university degree in Austria?

Level of education: In Austria, 15 percent of 25 to 64-year-olds have at most a compulsory school leaving certificate (OECD: 22 percent). 51 percent completed secondary level 2 as their highest educational qualification (primarily apprenticeship, vocational middle school, AHS-Matura, BHS up to the 3rd

Is high school a university degree?

The Abitur (from Latin abire ‘go away’, from Abiturium, from Neulat. abiturire ‘want to leave’), abbreviated as “Abi”, refers to the highest school-leaving certificate in Germany and thus the general higher education entrance qualification. The ability to study is proven with the Abitur.

What is the difference between college and university of applied sciences?

Universities of applied sciences usually don’t call themselves “Fachhochschule” at all, but “University of Applied Sciences”. In some federal states this is also the official name. Some use the umbrella term “university”. The English term “University of Applied Sciences” is also common.

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