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What you should know about the OMAD diet

There are numerous dietary methods from which everyone can choose the best and most appropriate for themselves. Even people who want to shed a few pounds are often spoiled for choice, because there is no lack of diets. Most often promise to lose weight quickly without drawing your attention to potential health risks. But we want to report openly about the pros and cons of a certain diet that has become very popular in Germany over the past two years. It is about the so-called OMAD diet (One Meal A Day) or also known as the “One Meal a Day” method.

Could the OMAD Diet Be Right For You?

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag gutes Essen Braten grüner Salat gekochte Eier

This diet trend originated in the United States and has quickly gained numerous followers around the world. How does this diet work and does it bring us the desired weight loss, we want to explain in the next few lines. We’ll also show you the pros and cons of this nutritional plan so that you are well informed. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to forego the usual three meals a day and only reduce your food consumption to “One Meal A Day”.

Those who want to lose weight quickly and effectively can opt for the OMAD diet.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag schnell und effektiv abnehmen nur eine Stunde am Tag essen

The basic principle of the OMAD diet

Don’t let the acronym OMAD confuse you. It comes from English and means “one meal a day” in good German. As the name of this diet suggests, this new nutritional method is about greatly reducing food intake. If you already know the basic principle of fasting, then you also know this of the OMAD diet. This is an extremely strict variant of intermittent fasting. You can eat for one hour a day, then you have to fast for the remaining 23 hours. The most important thing is that you always have to eat at the same time each day. It doesn’t really matter whether you do this in the morning, at noon or in the evening. However, choose food rich in nutrients and vitamins, because healthy food must be your top priority even during the OMAD diet. You can drink plenty of water, black coffee and unsweetened tea during the fasting phase. All treats for in between are taboo!

You can eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you want!

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag viel frisches Obst und Gemüse essen

Delicious desserts are taboo during the “One Meal A Day” diet!

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag keine Leckereien essen sind tabu während der Diät

Why Do You Lose Weight Fast During the OMAD Diet?

Those who opt for the OMAD diet can safely and quickly lose a few extra pounds. Some experts even argue that this strict diet is also good for your health. However, this is very controversial. Not eating for 23 hours puts the body into what is known as ketosis. You need energy for your daily activities, but the body does not receive any nourishment for a long time. Therefore it attacks the fat deposits and gains the necessary energy from it. The result of this process is that you will lose weight quickly. You will feel the reduction in your weight the next day after starting the diet.

The difference to intermittent fasting is also obvious. The fasting methods can vary, for example 5: 2 (eat five days, fast for 2 days) or 16: 8-16 hours without any food and only eat healthy food within 8 hours. But the 23: 1 scheme makes the OMAD diet undoubtedly the strictest variant of intermittent fasting.

The OMAD diet means pampering yourself with good food within an hour a day

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag eine Stunde am Tag essen Omelett mit Tomaten Mais und Salat

… and then fast for 23 hours!

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag 23 Stunden lang fasten kein Essen zu sich nehmen

How do you find the OMAD diet easier?

There are certain rules that should be followed in the OMAD diet. For example, it is especially important that you always eat at the same time. You mustn’t feast on all sorts of things in this one hour! No, definitely not! Too much food can be harmful to your health on this diet. A 28 cm diameter plate is big enough, but don’t pile too much food on it. You can basically eat all your favorite foods, including pizza and burgers for example. However, nutrition experts recommend that you eat well-balanced, nutrient-rich and vitamin-rich food. This avoids negative reactions and health problems.

Prepare something delicious, for example avocado with fish fillet.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag etwas Köstliches zubereiten Avocado mit Fischfilet

Grilled lean meat with green salad will fill you up and shed the pounds.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag schnell abnehmen gegrilltes mageres Fleisch mit grünem Salat essen

Since the OMAD diet is viewed as an extremely strict form of intermittent fasting, it is advisable to only practice it two to three days a week. Fasting even once a week according to the 23: 1 scheme also leads to the desired result and sheds the pounds on the stomach and hips. Do not follow the OMAD diet for more than a week to avoid possible health risks.

Slowly get your body used to the fasting method.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag sich gesund ernähren den Körper an die Fastenmethode gewöhnen

During the OMAD diet, you can feast within one hour a day.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag eine Stunde schlemmen Lieblingsspeisen essen

The pros and cons of the OMAD diet

The most important benefit of the OMAD diet is that it can lose weight quickly and safely. However, it is advisable that you slowly adjust your body to this diet. Perhaps you will start with another form of intermittent fasting first until you switch to the OMAD diet. Even after the intensive fasting is over, one must carefully go back to the usual diet step by step. How to avoid the yo-yo effect.

Let your doctor advise you on the best way to lose weight.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag schnell und effektiv abnehmen sich vom Arzt beraten lassen

Find out about possible health risks as a result of the OMAD diet.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag junges Mädchen beim Kochen gesundes Essen zubereiten sich informieren im Kochbuch nachgucken

You still need to be warned that the strict OMAD diet could have negative consequences for your health. People who have been on this diet often complain of circulatory problems and mood swings. Studies have also shown that long fasting can also lead to headaches, fatigue, and nutrient and vitamin deficiencies in the body. Before opting for this diet, seek advice from your doctor. In this way you can correctly assess whether “one meal a day” is good for you and your health or not.

We wish you a healthy and effective weight loss!

You need food rich in vitamins during the OMAD diet.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag lange fasten doch vitaminreiche Nahrung zu sich nehmen Salate

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag vitaminreiche Nahrung Salat gekochte Eier Pilze frisches Gemüse Paprika

It is better to forego tempting delicacies!

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag auf verführerische Leckereien verzichten keine Süßigkeiten

There is no limit to the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables that can be consumed during the OMAD diet.

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag viel frisches Obst und Gemüse konsumieren schnell abnehmen

You will definitely lose weight with this fasting method!

OMAD Diät eine Mahlzeit pro Tag strenge Methode des Intervallfastens schnell und sicher abnehmen

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