What’s in German?

What’s in German?

The honor bestowed on a scientist with a doctorate is also reflected in the meaning of the word doctorate: It comes from Latin and means “promotion to an honorable position”. A doctorate is almost always a prerequisite for a career as a university teacher.

Is or has a doctorate?

The verb promovieren can be used both transitively, ie with an accusative object, in the sense of “confer a doctorate on someone” and intransitively in the sense of “acquire the doctorate degree”. She has a PhD in English.

How much does PhD student earn?

If you start your doctorate without having previously gained relevant – i.e. technically relevant – professional experience, you will be assigned to the first salary level. With a full-time position at a university in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, you will then earn 3,517.36 euros gross per month.

What is a doctorate at the university?

PhD in Germany. The awarding of a doctoral degree by a university or an equivalent university is referred to as a doctorate. It takes place as part of a specific doctoral procedure, during which doctoral students demonstrate their ability to carry out independent academic work.

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