What’s the point of writing a diary?What’s the point of writing a diary?

What is the point of writing a diary?

It helps you to reflect on your day, to philosophize, to capture beautiful moments, to get negative memories off your chest, to reduce bad moods, to collect thoughts and ideas and to give yourself space. Journaling can make you more creative, stimulate ideas and thoughts.

What are the characteristics of a diary?

Features. The content of diaries is usually private in nature; the diary traces the “line of one’s own life” (Max Dessoir). It gives a fresh impression of the experience. Experiences, personal activities, but also moods and feelings are recorded in a diary.

What is a diary simply explained?

What exactly is a diary? The Duden says: Book, notebook for daily entries of personal experiences and thoughts. Each diary is unique, private and individual and therefore just like the life of the person who writes it. It’s a part of this special life, translated into words.

What is special about diaries?

In diaries you can write down what moves you every day. This can be your daily routine, special events to general thoughts about the world. Your writings are always highly subjective, describing individual impressions, longings and feelings.

How do you start writing in a diary?

Write the first entry.

  1. Write about what happened today. Include where you went, what you did, and who you spoke to.
  2. Write about how you felt today.
  3. Keep records of your learning.
  4. Turn your experiences into art.

Should you write a diary?

Relieve stress and tension. There is something meditative (some would even say therapeutic) about the process of writing. You concentrate completely on the moment, let your thoughts flow and automatically decelerate at the same time. This can help to relieve persistent stress and tension from everyday life.

What can you write in a diary?


  1. Write about your experiences that day.
  2. Think about your goals for the future and how you can achieve them.
  3. Make notes about your current emotional state or mood.
  4. Write inspirational quotes in your journal and explain what they mean to you.

Which is the best diary app?

Diary Apps: The 3 Best Digital Diaries for Android and iOS

  • Diaro is a very tidy diary app. The layout is designed so that you can easily sort your entries and find them again quickly.
  • Daylio is the diary app for all numbers and statistics lovers.
  • Penzu – The classic.

How to make a diary entry?

How to write a diary entry

  1. What happened?
  2. What’s on your mind?
  3. What do you think and feel about it?
  4. What have you experienced with other people?
  5. What do you believe and hope?
  6. what are you dreaming
  7. What goals and wishes do you have?
  8. What disappointments have you experienced?

How to use a diary

Which people write diaries?

Two thirds of all young women between the ages of 15 and 24 write diaries, for men it is at least one fifth. This tendency only subsides later, work and everyday life leave no time. Of course, you shouldn’t expect high spirits à la Goethe or Kafka in average diaries.

What can you write in a diary?

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