When am I entitled to parent-independent BAföG?

When am I entitled to parent-independent BAföG?

The age limit for parent-independent BAföG or BAföG from 30. Basically, you only get BAföG if you are under 30 years old at the beginning of your training phase, and under 35 years old for the master’s degree. However, there are some exceptional cases, which can be personal or family.

Who gets BAfög training?

Those who learn their future profession at a vocational school, for example, can obtain BAföG. Further requirements are that the training takes place at a secondary school, the trainee is younger than 30 years old and no longer lives with their parents.

Who is entitled to BAB?

All trainees can receive vocational training grants if they have German citizenship. But even if you are a foreigner, in many cases there is the possibility of receiving vocational training grants. All trainees who come from a country in the European Union are entitled to BAB.

Are trainees entitled to BAföG?

Apprentices are also entitled to BAföG under certain conditions. The attendance of vocational schools, technical school, technical college and vocational school classes and vocational training schools is promoted. The amount of the monthly BAföG payments depends primarily on the eligible income of the parents.

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