When are single quotes used?

When are single quotes used?

So if a quoted text contains a direct quote, literal speech, or terms in double quotes, convert them to single quotes.

What do quotation marks mean?

Also popularly called goose feet or goose feet. Visual highlighting 1) of verbatim (direct speech) and text passages (quotes) as well as for emphasizing parts of words, words or parts of sentences (e.g. book titles, proverbs or ironic statements).

How do you put quotation marks correctly?

Quotation marks are most commonly used in reading typography. The simple rule applies here: 99 below, 66 above. Example: “The quotation mark at the end of a sentence always comes after the final punctuation mark! “

What does three dots mean as an answer?

If you write three dots in a row, then these are the so-called “ellipsis”. These three dots stand for something that is left out when writing. These can be letters or whole words.

What are the three points called?

An ellipsis (…) is an orthographic character, represented by three consecutive dots or by the three-dot “…” (a separate character), used as a punctuation mark or word mark.

How are the points counted in soccer?

The winner of a regular time game gets three points, the loser after regular time gets none. The winner after extra time (overtime) or penalty shootout gets two points, the loser one.

What is at the end of a sentence?

A period, question mark, or exclamation mark is at the end of a sentence. These characters are called punctuation marks.

What does it mean when you comment on a point?

The point as a comment under an entry means: I have read the entry. He touched me, I sympathize (I like the entry), but I have nothing of substance to add.

Where are the special characters on the keyboard?

To enter the special characters with the keyboard, you only have to proceed as follows: Hold the [Alt]key (to the left of the spacebar). Now use the numeric keypad to enter the combination of numbers from this alt-code table. Et voila! The corresponding special character should now appear in your text document.

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