When can a general practitioner refuse a patient?

When can a general practitioner refuse a patient?

For example, the Federal Framework Agreement for Doctors specifies that the contract doctor can refuse to treat an insured person of legal age if the person does not present the electronic health card prior to treatment (Section 13, Paragraph 7). Of course, an exception is also made in this context in the event of an emergency!

Can a doctor reject me?

According to the Federal Framework Agreement for Doctors, the panel doctor may only refuse to treat an insured person in justified cases, eg if the practice is overburdened. Under no circumstances, however, because the patient refuses a fee-based preliminary examination or (further) treatment.

Can a dentist reject me?

Section 323c of the Criminal Code (failure to provide assistance) The professional code of conduct also states that the dentist can refuse dental treatment if the treatment cannot be expected of him after a due consideration of interests.

When can the dentist stop the treatment?

You have the right to stop treatment at any time without giving a reason. If the treatment is subject to a charge, then you only have to bear the costs incurred up until the end of the treatment.

Why don’t doctors take new patients?

That’s why all good doctors no longer accept new patients. Not because they couldn’t take care of them, but because the current system would punish them with a loss of income. Or home visits.

What happens if I go to another doctor despite having a doctor’s contract?

As a rule, they have known him for many years and trust him. And, of course, insured persons who take part in a general practitioner contract can change their general practitioner at any time, for example if the relationship of trust is disturbed.

Can a panel doctor refuse patients?

For contract doctors in private practice, there is already a legal obligation to treat from the obligation to provide contract medical care associated with the approval. A contract doctor may therefore not refuse a statutory insured patient.

Where can you complain if you can’t get a doctor’s appointment?

If an insured person does not get a timely appointment with the doctor despite an acute problem, they should definitely contact the regional Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. The Independent Patient Advice Service Germany (UPD) keeps receiving complaints about long waiting times.

Can you go to the dermatology department without an appointment?

Since you consult the dermatologist online, you do not need to make an appointment. Submit your request 24 hours a day, seven days a week without being tied to opening hours or office hours. You will receive specialist medical advice after a maximum of 48 hours, usually sooner.

Can you see an orthopedist without an appointment?

Patients without an appointment are not only a challenge for the organization of the practice, but also place high demands on the skills of the staff to de-escalate difficult situations. In any case, however, the applicable legal situation must be observed.

How do I get an appointment with a rheumatologist?

There are no desired appointments – the TSS arranges an appointment with a specialist within a week. The waiting time for the appointment itself must not exceed four weeks. The period begins when you call TSS.

What do you have to do at a rheumatologist?

According to their training, specialists in internal medicine and rheumatology specialize in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of patients with autoimmune-related inflammatory rheumatic diseases, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis (chronic polyarthritis), psoriatic arthritis, …

When can I see a rheumatologist?

In the case of severe or persistent pain in joints, muscles or bones, you or your family doctor should seek rheumatological care, because the correct diagnosis is particularly important in the early stages.

What examinations does the rheumatologist do?

Physical examination In rheumatology, the functional test includes, in particular, testing the mobility of the joints, the strength (e.g. carrying a bag, lifting the standing bottle from the table, lifting the hammer from the table surface) and precision (pressing the thumb against the fingertips of other fingers).

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