When can an employment relationship begin?

When can an employment relationship begin?

According to contract theory, the employment relationship begins with the conclusion of the employment contract, but not with the subsequent integration of the employee into the company. With the start of work, the employee must perform his work during working hours and continue until the end of the work.

Can you start working in the middle of the month?

Either the salary payment date is in the employment contract or it is regulated according to the BGB. This means that the last of the month has to be billed for the previous period (max. 1 month). So yes, you will get a salary on the last day of the month even if you only worked part of the month.

When is an employment relationship valid?

An employment contract is valid if both parties give their consent – for example, by signing or verbal confirmation (in the case of an oral employment contract).

What is the date of the employment contract?

The contract date is the day on which the contract on which the claim is based was concluded between the obligee and the debtor. This can be, for example, the date on which a product was ordered on a website or the date on which a domain was registered.

When is the contract conclusion?

A contract is concluded when both contracting parties agree to a contract in writing or orally. A right of cancellation after distance selling begins with delivery of the goods, but at the earliest with receipt of the cancellation policy.

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