When can I start with the bachelor thesis?

When can I start with the bachelor thesis?

You should write your bachelor thesis in the fifth, or at the latest in the sixth semester. This means that you can already make some preparations in the fourth semester, such as thinking about a topic, looking for a supervising lecturer, etc.

When is the colloquium after the bachelor thesis?

Such a colloquium usually lasts around 30-60 minutes. First you start with the presentation of your bachelor thesis, which takes about 20 minutes of your time. This will start the discussion on your thesis, which can take 10-40 minutes depending on the situation.

Who examines the bachelor thesis?

Basically, the grade of the bachelor thesis is based on the assessment of two examiners: The first examiner is usually the supervisor. He awards the first grade. Most universities have a second examiner. The second examiner also awards a grade.

Where do you write your bachelor thesis?

The university library as a workplace for the bachelor thesis. For many, the question will be answered quickly: What else has the university set up so many workstations in its libraries for? This is exactly the right place for the completion of the bachelor thesis.

How do I register my bachelor thesis?

How do I register my bachelor thesis? The bachelor thesis is registered personally at the examination office of your university. There you fill out a registration form on which your contact details, the title of your bachelor thesis and the name of your supervising teacher are recorded.

How many attempts do you have for the bachelor thesis?

Second attempt – can you repeat the bachelor thesis? Normally yes. The examination regulations of your universities define what happens if a student fails his bachelor thesis and how many attempts he is entitled to do in total. That’s usually two or three.

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