When can I use a quote?

When can I use a quote?

According to this, citations may only be made if the citation is a published work (1.) and the purpose of the citation is fulfilled (2). In addition, the citing work itself must produce a personal intellectual creation (3.). Finally, the citation must be marked (4.)

Which texts are protected by copyright?

Only the average, the “crafty, everyday and banal” should remain excluded from copyright protection. Examples: In the case of literary works such as a novel, there is in fact always a level of creativity. Utility texts, trivial or very short texts, on the other hand, are often not protected and are therefore in the public domain.

What is a quote in music?

A citation is the use, within the limitations of copyright law, of portions of a copyrighted work in another work. The music quote, i.e. the adoption of excerpts from a musical work, is a separate genre in copyright law. It may only be quoted under certain conditions.

Where the words end does the music begin?

Heinrich Heine Quote: When the words stop, the music begins.

What would life be without music quote?

“‘Without music, life would be a mistake’. This probably most important sentence about the importance of music from the mouth of Nietzsche is today more relevant than ever” (Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation 2004, p. 3).

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