When did you pass the IHK?

When did you pass the IHK?

The training regulations then state, for example: The final examination is passed if the performance in at least three of the examination areas has been rated as at least sufficient. An unsatisfactory or unsatisfactory overall result (0-49 points) always leads to the exam being failed.

Can you pass the final exam with a 5?

The trainees have now completed the written exams in most training occupations. While one fails the exam for one training occupation with a five, one can certainly pass the exam in other training occupations with a six in one area.

Can you fail the oral IHK exam?

Approx. 1 2 weeks after the last examination (usually oral/practical) examination: A failed examination can be repeated twice (at the earliest on the next examination date). If the final exam is not passed for the third time, it is no longer possible to take the exam again.

What happens if you fail the IHK exam?

The trainee can continue to work in the company and also attend vocational school. If the trainee has not passed the final examination, the training contract does not have to be extended. The training then ends on the day specified as the end date in the training contract.

What happens if you fail the training exam?

If trainees fail the test, they can repeat it, but they must continue to participate in the training if they have to repeat the practical test or all parts. To register for a repeat date, proof of remaining in the training course must be provided.

When does the training end if the exam is not passed?

If the trainee does not pass the examination, the training relationship ends with the end date of the training contract, unless the trainee requests an extension of the training from the trainer. If no extension is requested, the trainee can register for the repeat examination himself.

Can you fail Part 1 of the final exam?

Part 1 can only be repeated if the examinee has less than 50 points in part 1, but at least 50 points in part 2 and the examination as a whole is not passed. Part 1 is then repeated on the next examination date.

Can you fail vocational school?

If you score fewer than 50 points in the theoretical training final exam, you have failed. There is no such thing as sitting down at vocational school. But you are jeopardizing your educational success. It is better to look for a tutoring course to accompany your training now rather than later.

Who registers me at the vocational school?

Once you have signed the training contract, your company will register you with the vocational school. He also decides whether to teach in blocks or part-time. If there are two vocational schools that are suitable for your job, then the company actually decides which one to go to.

Can you repeat a vocational school?

Just in case… If it happens that you don’t make it through a class at the vocational school, you can repeat it in the next school year. At a course or seasonal vocational school, it may also be possible to repeat it in the same year, provided you receive an invitation from the school.

Can you remain seated in the vocational school?

Can you stay in the vocational school? No, there is no provision for dropping out, comparable to other types of school, at the vocational school. However, the vocational school awards various certificates, which you may have to show later for applications or other opportunities.

How often do you have to go to vocational school?

Your lessons at the vocational school comprise around eight to 12 hours a week, so you have around 1-2 vocational school days a week. You will spend the rest of the training time in your training company, but your hours at the vocational school are still considered normal working hours.

Can I repeat the first year of training?

You should contact the chamber together with your training company and apply to be able to repeat the second year of training due to absence due to illness. As a rule (if your sick leave is extremely high), this will also be approved. Your teacher has nothing to do with it.

How many times can you repeat the training exam?

You can retake the exam twice. If you have unsuccessfully taken the exam three times, there is no longer an opportunity to take the final exam in this apprenticeship.

When do you have to extend the training?

if you have been absent for a long time due to illness and have missed a lot of training content at vocational school and in the company. if you have a physical, mental or psychological disability, you may need more time to achieve your training goal. if you are pregnant and therefore fail.

When will you no longer be admitted to the exam?

Increased absenteeism during vocational training can mean that admission to the final examination in accordance with the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) cannot be granted. In the case of absences of more than 10%, the training period is considered as not yet completed. …

How often do you get sick during training?

There are no fixed rules for this. A point of reference: If you missed around 10 to 15 percent of your training time through absenteeism, your admission to the examination could be at risk. The decisive factor here is how your responsible chamber, for example the IHK, decides.

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