When do I have to apply for an apprenticeship?

When do I have to apply for an apprenticeship?

Rule of thumb for application deadlines As a rule of thumb, large companies and company chains tend to search earlier than small companies. For large companies and the public sector, the autumn months of September, October and November are the application months.

What can you do after training as an office clerk?

There are attractive further training opportunities for office clerks, as the following examples illustrate: Specialist, business administrator, human resources specialist, business economist for accounting, accountant.

How much do you earn in training as an office clerk?

January 2020) in the first year of training at at least 515 euros gross per month. In the second year it is 611 euros, in the third 695 – and in the fourth year you get at least 721 euros a month.

What can you do after completing your office management apprenticeship?

As a clerk for office management, you can also do a state-certified business economist after one to three years of professional experience. Like the Fachwirt, this can be done part-time and full-time or via distance learning. This training takes a little longer than the specialist.

How can you train yourself as an office clerk?

If you already have three years of professional experience as an office clerk, you have the opportunity to receive further training to become an accountant. Depending on the type of training, the training to become an accountant takes between 1 and a maximum of 2 years.

Which specialist courses are there?

Further education as a specialist in marketing (IHK) specialist in foreign trade (IHK) specialist in sales in retail (IHK) specialist in the hospitality industry (IHK) specialist in health and social affairs (IHK) Commercial specialist (IHK) Real estate specialist (IHK) Industrial specialist (IHK)

How long does it take to retrain to become an office clerk?

The retraining takes an average of two years.

Which retraining is possible?

Retraining can be funded by the employment agency, the job center, a health insurance company or a pension insurance company … Retraining: Which professions are promoted for women? Health and care professions, Commercial office professions, Professions in trade and sales, Professions in personal care services.

How long can it take for a retraining to be approved?

If you want to be absolutely sure, you can also apply to the DRV for a full disability pension in the event that the retraining does not work out! Then I better assume September next year. This procedure takes a long time. About 2 months until approval.

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