When do I have to issue a qualified certificate?

When do I have to issue a qualified certificate?

From what length of the employment relationship is there a right to a qualified job reference? The Cologne Regional Labor Court (judgment of March 30, 2001 – / 00) assumes that the employee can request a qualified certificate after just 6 weeks of employment.

When does a certificate have to be issued?

The employer is legally obliged to issue employees with a job reference, especially when the employment relationship is terminated. However, the employee must expressly request the job reference from the employer; The employer does not have to issue a job reference of his own accord.

By when does the employer have to issue a certificate after dismissal?

“This means that an employee has exactly six weeks after termination of the employment relationship to request a written reference. If he fails to do so within the deadline, he is no longer entitled to a certificate being issued.

How long should a job reference be?

As a recommendation, one can say that a job reference should be between one and two pages long. If the certificate has to be prepared for a long-term employee with many different tasks and activities, up to 3 pages may be acceptable.

What to do if no job reference is issued?

If the job reference is not issued, you should request your employer to do so again in writing and within a reasonable period of time. A lawyer specializing in labor law can help you assert your claims against your former employer.

Is my employer obliged to issue me with a job reference?

A job reference only has to be issued if the employee requests it. However, when a vocational training relationship is terminated, the employer is always obliged to issue the certificate. The trainee does not have to ask for this first.

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