When do I need a list of abbreviations?

When do I need a list of abbreviations?

The list of abbreviations is created if at least 3 abbreviations have been used. The list of abbreviations follows in your bachelor thesis directly after the table of contents and, if available, after the list of figures and table of tables.

What must be in the list of abbreviations?

The list of abbreviations should only contain words that you use more than once in your work. As a result, words that are used more than once should be given an appropriate abbreviation.

What does the entry XE System mean?

Index entries that you have added to the document in Word are not visible. These are XE field functions that are used to mark the relevant terms in the text. But even if the entries are invisible, they are in the text.

What should a list of figures look like?

Structure of a list of figures At the beginning of each entry there is the figure number (starting with “Fig. 1”). Then the title of the illustration follows. It is important that the title in the text of the term paper matches the title in the list of figures to the letter.

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