When do I put a term in quotation marks?

When do I put a term in quotation marks?

Single (or half) quotation marks are mainly used in scientific papers for a quotation within a quotation or for emphasizing terms.

How do I put the quotes below?

To insert a quotation mark below, hold the key [Alt] and enter 0130 on the numeric keypad. After that, leave the [Alt]- key released, the character appears.

How can I make an apostrophe on PC?

Set the right character That means: simply enter 0146 on the numeric keypad while holding down the ALT key. In many programs, the apostrophe is of course also included in the special character sets and can be accessed via Insert > Special characters.

How to make an apostrophe

The apostrophe is used in names instead of the ending -s if both of the following conditions apply: The basic form of the name ends with s, ss, ß, tz, z, x, ce. (In the case of foreign names, these letters can also be silent in their basic form.)

How do you make an accent on PC?

Accent aigu [ ´ ] The accent aigu is between the letter ß and the backspace key. To write an é, first press the ´ key and then the letter E or Shift+E if you want to write an É.

How can I write French letters?

You can write the accented letters simply by typing the corresponding character on the keyboard (´ and `: top right next to “ß”; ^ top left next to “1”) and then typing the letter.

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