When do I use which hypothesis test?

When do I use which hypothesis test?

Hypothesis tests are always carried out when you want to prove something with the help of collected data, for example that the beer mugs are not completely filled at the Oktoberfest.

When is the one-sided t test?

However, if it is impossible, for example, that the values ​​go in the other direction (e.g. that the height of 10-year-olds is smaller than the height of 20-year-olds) or if a result in the other direction would have no practical meaning (e.g. that a new drug would be worse than a …

What does 2-sided significant mean?

P-2 sided. The result of a significance test (↗ statistical significance) is essentially the probability that two measured values ​​do not differ from one another. Since probability is called Probability in English, it is abbreviated with the letter “p”.

What does the P mean?

The p-value (according to RA Fisher), also known as exceeding probability or significance value (p for Latin probabilitas = probability), is an evidence of the credibility of the null hypothesis in statistics, and there in particular in test theory, which often states that a certain …

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