When do most of them apply?

When do most of them apply?

The months in spring are the best time to apply for positions in the industries mentioned. The reason: Summer – and with it the high season – is just around the corner. Now staff is needed particularly urgently. In other industries it is often difficult to apply in the spring.

What do I have to consider when changing the company?

Checklist: Have you thought of everything when you change jobs? Make a clear decision. Do some research on the job market. Sign the new employment contract. Quit your old employer. Note the contractual regulations. Let your colleagues know.

What do I need when I start a new job?

Letter of application, curriculum vitae, photo, certificates (depending on age school certificates, training certificate, job reference from the last employer (everyone is entitled)), certificates of training courses and expertise, social security card, income tax card or

How can you change jobs?

Change jobs – but do the right thing! Changing jobs is a drastic step. Look at your current situation. Look at your current employer. Look at your current manager. Look at your colleagues. The product range of your current employer. Your future employer.

How often do you change jobs?

Munich headhunter Christian Pape recommends that candidates look for a new job every three years. Change jobs around 13 times in your professional life – is that the future on the job market? Frequent job changes can be good for your career. As long as it is reasonably justified.

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