When do numbers have to be written out?

When do numbers have to be written out?

The numbers from one to twelve are no longer a strict rule In the past, the numbers from one to twelve are written as words, all others as numbers. In the meantime, this is no longer seen as strictly. Today the following applies: You can write out the numbers, but you don’t have to.

Until when do you write out numbers for your bachelor thesis?

Do not write out the following numbers (e.g. 1210, 1715) are usually not written out, nor are times after 1:00 p.m. However, if it is an exact time, such as 10:31 a.m., it is easier to use the digits. Ten o’clock or twelve o’clock, however, are written out.

When formula directory?

A formula directory must be prepared if two or more formulas appear in the thesis. Individual formulas as well as entire models are to be included in the formula directory. In addition to the name and / or a brief explanation, the page number must be given.

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