When do you apply for a degree in 2020?

When do you apply for a degree in 2020?

The following applies to the winter semester 2020/2021: Applications for courses with limited places can be submitted from until midnight. Applications for unrestricted admission courses are possible (depending on the university) from mid-August to mid-October.

How do I apply for a semester abroad?

How and when do I apply for a semester abroad? If you have decided to do a semester abroad, then first find out more from the website of your university’s International Office or directly from partner universities.

Where do you apply for a degree?

For courses with admission restrictions, you must apply for a place on the course, either directly with the university or via www.hochschulstart.de, i.e. via the website of the Foundation for University Admissions (SfH).

Until when can I apply for a degree?

“Retired high school graduates” are all those who obtained their Abitur or advanced technical college entrance qualification before the current year. The deadline for applications is May 31st. “New high school graduates” received their high school diploma within the current year and therefore have until July 15 to apply.

Can you apply for a degree if you are already studying?

Each semester after the Abitur in which you did not study counts as a waiting period. Incidentally, you can also apply to several universities at the same time or for several courses at the same university. For medicine, there is the so-called medical test, which many universities use as a selection criterion.

When will you be automatically exmatriculated?

Ex-officio exmatriculation occurs when you are (usually automatically) exmatriculated from the university. You will then be enrolled at the university until the end of the semester for which you have re-registered and will then be automatically de-registered.

How long can you study at most?

The standard period of study for a bachelor’s degree is usually 6 semesters – i.e. 3 years. Of course, this can vary in some courses and the standard period of study can take longer.

Can I be exmatriculated at any time?

As a rule, regular de-registration always takes place at the end of the current semester. Under certain circumstances, however, you can also de-register with immediate effect during the current semester. Such reasons include, for example: Completion of studies after passing the final examination.

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