When do you continue writing after colon lowercase?

When do you continue writing after colon lowercase?

The colon comes before direct speech and quotations, before enumerations and before special information. After the colon, you usually continue to write normally. However, if the colon is followed by a complete sentence, capitalize the beginning of the sentence! We know that we always capitalize the beginning of a sentence.

When do you always have to put a comma?

If you redirect your infinitive group through the conjunctions, without, instead of, instead of, except and as a, you have to put a comma. Also, you must use a comma if your infinitive phrase is announced by a descriptive word such as in that, for, that, so, this, it, and that.

When do you use a point?

The period is a punctuation mark. It is used to end a declarative sentence. It also comes after incomplete sentences if they form an independent unit of meaning. Under certain circumstances, the period can also replace an exclamation mark.

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