When do you get a notification from the universities?

When do you get a notification from the universities?

From January 1st you can expect a notification from the end of February. For courses with the application deadline on July 15, you can expect a notification from mid-September. Admission or if you have received admission, please print out the notification and read it carefully.

What do you need for a university?

Requirements. Studying at a university of applied sciences requires a university entrance qualification, usually the general university entrance qualification (Abitur), the subject-specific university entrance qualification or a (general or subject-related) technical college entrance qualification.

When to apply for Study 2020 21?

The following applies for the 2020/2021 winter semester: Applications for subjects with limited study places can be submitted from until midnight. Applications for admission-free courses are possible from mid-August to mid-October (depending on the university).

When to apply for study 2021 22?

In order to have the test result for a study place application for the winter semester 20/21 or summer semester 2021, you had to register for the test. For the winter semester 2021/22 and summer semester 2022, the deadline until

When do I have to apply for the summer semester 2021?

The application phase for the summer semester 2021 for the nationwide admission-restricted courses in human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy will start on December 1st, 2020. In addition to the information on applying for human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, Hochschulstart has also provided the criteria for ZEQ and AdH.

When to apply for medical studies in 2021?

When do I have to apply to hochschulstart?

New high school graduates can apply to for a course of study until mid-July. There are three ways to apply for a degree: Directly at the universities, via the application portal AntOn or via

When do you have to apply as a high school graduate?

“Old school graduates” are all those who obtained their Abitur or their technical college entrance qualification before the current year. The deadline for applications is May 31. “New high school graduates” received their high school diploma within the current year and therefore have until July 15th to submit an application.

What is a high school graduate?

You are “old high school graduate” if you acquired your high school diploma, technical college entrance qualification or a comparable qualification before mid-January of the current calendar year. In this case, different application deadlines apply to you if you want to apply to

How long do you have to accept a course offer?

In principle, you have the option of actively accepting an offer until the end of the coordination phase. If you accept an offer, your other applications will be irrevocably excluded from the process. This cannot be reversed afterwards.

What does admission offer mean?

“Admission offer is available” The main or replacement procedure has been carried out. You could be allocated a place for this course. Further information on the enrollment date etc. can be found in the letter of admission.

Until when do you have to accept a place at TUM?

You can accept the study place up to the beginning of the semester. If you were admitted after the start of the semester, you can accept the study place within 14 days of admission.

What does admission offer currently not possible mean?

An application has the application status “Admission offer currently not possible” if the university is not currently offering the applicant admission. So you have not yet received an admission offer for this application.

How long does the decision-making phase last at hochschulstart?

The application period ends on The previous coordination phases 1 and 2 were merged into a uniform coordination phase from the summer semester 2020, so the decision-making phase has been omitted. The study places are allocated according to four coordination rules.

Can’t register with hochschulstart?

If the registration is not successful, the most common mistakes can be: the e-mail address has not yet been verified → click on the link in the e-mail! Typing error → just try again ▪ Forgot your password → use the “Forgot login data” function in the top right corner.

What does your rank hochschulstart mean?

“Your rank” shows your place in the overall ranking – in the example, admission was granted up to rank 264 in the main procedure or up to rank 283 in the follow-up procedure, in the example the applicant is “only” in rank 389 and is therefore not admitted receive.

Where can I find the hochschulstart application number?

Register on the FU application portal for DoSV courses. The overview page opens with your applications. On the right-hand side you will find your six-digit application number starting with the number 5 under “Personal Information”.

What does admission offer currently not possible hochschulstart mean?

If your application receives the status “Admission offer not currently possible”, the university cannot offer you admission for the time being given your current position. This is a temporary status and not a permanent denial.

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